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Dr. Alejandro Guerrero

Dr. Alejandro Guerrero and his practice of Plastic Surgery in Mexico (cosmetic and reconstructive) has reached the same high level and standards equal to that of the United States and Canada.  Dr. Alejandro Guerrero in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is leading the way helping patients redefine themselves in paradise with plastic surgery medical vacations here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The big difference between having plastic surgery in Mexico or plastic surgery in the USA is that here in Mexico you can save up to 60% off the price of surgery in the USA, all while having the same quality of care if not better and real modern state of the art hospitals for your treatment rather than outpatient facilities found up in the USA.

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Here in Mexico, a certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Alejandro Guerrero, belonging to the Mexican Association of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and must have certain requirements that guarantee their formal education and force a high standard of ethics.

For more than 17 years Dr. Alejandro Guerrero has been practicing medicine and plastic surgery in Mexico.  Our goal is to provide patients and clients with top rated plastic surgery on par with what they would receive in the USA at a fraction of the cost all while Redefining Yourself Here in Paradise, Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

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Whether you are looking for plastic surgery in Mexico, a nose job, mommy makeover, rhinoplasty,  tummy tuck, lipo-sculpturing or liposuction, breast lift and or breast implants or reduction, post weight loss surgery or any other type of plastic surgery treatment including Botox or fillers, Dr. Alejandro Guerrero is your best option for cosmetic surgery in Mexico.

Dr. Guerrero operates out of one of Mexico’s finest state of the art hospitals, the CMQ Premiere hospital in Puerto Vallarta.  This hospital is known for its plastic surgery care and is the only hospital in Puerto Vallarta to offer Laser Liposuction with Dr. Alejandro Guerrero.

When patients are looking to have plastic surgery in Mexico, they go to Dr. Guerrero, he has operated on many Mexican models, actresses, CoverGirls, and celebrities.  Puerto Vallarta makes for a wonderful opportunity for a medical vacation, as such that most people who have plastic surgery prefer to remain anonymous, they simply can tell their friends or family they are going on a two-week vacation to a wonderful beach destination when in reality they are having their plastic surgery in Mexico, and recovering on the beach.

Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Alejandro Guerrero provides some of the best care in Mexico, come to Puerto Vallarta and let us help you Redefine Yourself in Paradise!