Dr. Alejandro Guerrero is the best plastic surgeon in Mexico and has been renown as a trusted and certified plastic surgeon here in Mexico for more than 16 years.  He is one of the leading plastic surgeons in Mexico and is considered a Top Board Certified Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon.  Dr. Guerrero has studied extensively in the plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery field and strives to continue improving his skills through continued education, courses, and worldwide congresses.

drguerrerosmall  Dr. Guerrero is a perfectionist when it comes to cosmetic surgery in Mexico and his goal is to help the patient redefine themselves here in Paradise!


Dr. Alejandro Guerrero is a certified plastic surgeon by the National Council for Plastic Surgeons in Mexico as such he must meet the specific standard of care for patient treatment that is certified by his membership as a registered and licensed plastic surgeon.  He can only use accepted products, material and medicine approved for use in Mexico and authorized by this Council.

He is a member of the Mexican Association of Plastic Surgeons in Mexico

Dr. Alejandro Guerrero studied medicine at the University of Guadalajara and at the civil hospitals during his 6 years of education.  After that, he performed his Specialty in General Surgery in the city of Durango where he was chief of the residents during his practice years for an additional 4 years.  He then went on to be chief of General Surgery Services for an additional 3 years at the Hospital Regional A. de Santiago in Durango, Durango Mexico.

Dr. Guerrero completed his subspecialty in Plastic Surgery at the Hospital Civil Fray Antonio Alcalde in Guadalajara.  This subspecialty lasted 3 years and combined higher educative learning with .actual surgical experience with regards to plastic surgery and laser liposuction training.

Dr. Guerrero has attended yearly Congresses as a speaker, attendee and part of Investigative Teams as well as courses on General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Body sculpting.

Dr. Guerrero is now in private practice at the CMQ Premiere Hospital in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.



Date of Birth: November 29, 1975

Place of Birth: Guadalajara Jalisco.


Military Credentials: Matricula B-9940475.

Office located at the CMQ Premiere Hospital in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco Mexico

Personal Documentation Data:
Profesional Medical Surgeon License (Cedula): DGP 4365875

Profesional Medical Specialist License (Cedula): DGP 4483070


Member of The Mexican Association of Esthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons


1981-1987                    José María Morelos                            Primary

1987-1990                    Benito Juárez                                      Secondary

1990-1993                    J. Guadalupe Zuno (UdG)                  High School

1994-2000                    U de G                                                Medical School

2001-2005                   Hospital General Durango                  Specialty – General Surgery

2007-2010                  Hospital Fray Antonio Alcalde           Subspecialty in Plastic Surgery



Pre-internship: Hospital Civil Nuevo. Juan I. Menchaca.

Rotating Internship:   Hospital Civil Fray Antonio Alcalde

Social Service: CSRD El Gobernador, Municipio La Barca Jalisco. 1999.

Laparoscopic Surgery Rotation,  July– October 2004. Laparoscopic Surgery Hospital Juan I. Menchaca, Guadalajara Jalisco.

Specialist Social Service: Hospital para Población Rural Concentrada de Santiago Papasquiaro Durango, November 1, 2004 to February 28, 2005.

Professional Experience

Chief of General Surgery Services Hospital General A. de Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, Durango.

Affiliated Surgeon Hospital Ayala clínica 45 del IMSS. 2007-2008 Guadalajara Jalisco

Private Medical Consultant and Surgeon since 2009 to date, in both Guadalajara Jalisco and Puerto Vallarta.

Academic Experience:

Internship Professor and Tutor of the class of 2005-2006.

General Surgery Module at the Hospital General de Santiago Papasquiaro Durango. SSA. Granted by the University Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo.

500 credit hours.

Instructor of Plastic Surgery Courses, Centro Universitario de la Costa, Puerto Vallarta.


  • Evolution of Thoracic Trauma Patients (Oral Presentation). XXIX National Congress of General Surgery, Mérida Yucatán Octubre 30 to November 4 2005.
  • Esophogus Preforation (Investigative Team). XXVIII National Congress of General Surgery, October 31 to November 5th
  • Sequestrectomy and Necrosectomy, how to deal with a pancreatic abscess and necrosis (Investigative Team) XXVIII National Congress of General Surgery, October 31 to November 5th 2004
  • Carotid Body Tumor (Investigative Team) XXVII National Congress of General Surgery, November 3 to the 8th 2003 Veracruz, Veracruz.
  • Íleo Biliar as an intestinal Occlusion Cause (Investigative Team) XXVII National Congress of General Surgery, November 3 to the 8th 2003 Veracruz, Veracruz.
  • Sigmoid Volvulus obstruction in a 19 year old patient – Resection and Primary Anastomosis. XXVII National Congress of General Surgery, 2003 Veracruz Veracruz.
  • Diagnostics in Pancratic Cancer. XXVIII National Congress of General Surgery, Octubre 31 to November 5th 2004.
  • Post Trauma Hemothorax (Oral Presenter) XXVI National Congress of General Surgery, Acapulco Guerrero Noviembre 2002.


National Congress for Plastic Surgery Puerto Vallarta April 2013.

National Congress for Plastic Surgery Puerto Vallarta November 2012.

Latin American Congress for Facial Surgery

Plastic Surgery Symposium 37 2010.

Reconstructive Surgery Institute November 8-13 2010 Guadalajara Jalisco

University of Guadalajara Medical Conferences 2010

Plastic Surgery Symposium 36 2009

Workshop on Body Countouring as Art in Plastic Surgery August 2009 Guadalajara Jalisco.

National Congress of the Association of Plastic Surgeons in Mexico. February 2009 Guadalajara

National Congress of General Surgery, Acapulco Guerrero. November 2006.

National Congress of General Surgery, Mérida Yucatán, November 2005.

Special Course in EKG and insufficient Heartbeat August 2005.

Workshop on Security and Surgery Hygiene at work ISSSTE November 2005.

National Congress of General Surgery, León Guanajuato 2004.

National Congress of General Surgery, November 2003.

Gasteroenterology Week November 2002 Querétaro, Querétaro.

National Congress of General Surgery, 2002. Acapulco Guerrero.


drguerreroinsurgery3small drguerreroinsurgery2small

We are also proud to introduce an ENT specialist that operates out of Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico and specializes in strictly performing Nose Surgery.  Dr. Luis Robles is also a world renown ENT surgeon that has mastered the technique of Twilight Sedation Rhinoplasty (nose jobs).  The benefit to this technique is that the surgery lasts a short period of time and there is little to any side effects from general anesthesia, making the surgery extremely affordable, as well as a safer option than a typical regular rhinoplasty.

Dr. Luis Robles (specialty in Nose) featuring twilight sedation nose jobs.  ENT doctor


► Medical License Number: 473600

► Specialist License Number: 7440408

► Specialty in Otolaryngology and Surgery of the Head and Neck at the Hospital Centro Medico Nacional Del Occidente ” Lic. Ignacio Garcia Tellez

► Certified by the National Board of Mexican Otolaryngology for Head and Neck Surgery 2011

► Dr. Robles has assisted and performed more than 650 Twilight Sedation Rhinoplasty Nose Jobs.

► Rhinology Specialty from the National Autonomous University Mexico DF 2011

► Dr. Robles is one of Mexico’s leading Otolaryngologist.


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