Get the absolute best plastic surgery care in Mexico Guaranteed!  Board-certified, and trusted plastic surgeon, Dr.Alejandro Guerrero, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is known for his expertise and special body contouring techniques when performing plastic surgery in Mexico, that leads to faster recovery and superior results. Dr. Guerrero has extensive experience redefining patients through plastic surgery, helping patients achieve the look they want and desire. The main goal of his practice is to provide patients with outstanding care, actually the best care in Mexico, that is affordable, effective, successful, and, most importantly, safe.

All of Dr. Guerrero’s plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery work comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee!  If you are not satisfied with your surgery results, Dr. Guerrero will go back in at a later date and will revise your surgery and he will not charge you his typical medical fees!*

*NOTE:  Dr. Guerrero will not charge you his medical fees as a doctor for the revision surgery, however, you will still be responsible for the airplane, hotel, hospital costs, supplies, medication, food and beverage, and some additional medical fees.

Communication is Key            Dr. Guerrero plastic surgery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

As one of the region’s most respected and certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Alejandro Guerrero has served in many elite roles within the medical community and amongst his peers. As a former medical chief of an area hospital, Dr. Guerrero understands the importance of making calculated decisions, communicating with his patients in a manner that the patient can understand, utilizes innovative technology such as the laser for liposculpture, liposuction and body contouring, tailoring treatment plans to the needs of his patients, and surgical precision. Each one of the factors helps the patients achieve a successful recovery and a surgery result that the patient desires, and with that comes a level of satisfaction. Dr. Guerrero and his staff treat each patient as an individual and approach each case with an open mind taking into account every factor that can help the patient achieve the look they are going for. Our staff is available to answer your calls and emails as promptly as possible and provide the best possible care in Mexico.

Three Easy Steps to Finding a Trusted Plastic Surgeon in Mexico

  1. Always Do YOUR Research – There are a lot of doctors around the world performing plastic and cosmetic surgery and even more in Mexico.  It is important to find a board-certified, trusted plastic surgeon in Mexico who meets all of your qualifications that you are looking for in a plastic surgeon. When it comes to finding the right plastic surgeon for you, a patient can never do too much research with regards to the doctor and their practice, facility, technology, techniques, and treatment options, as well as the cost of the procedures that they provide.
  2. Remember YOU Make The Decisions – with Dr. Alejandro Guerrero, he actually encourages his patients to be vocal and involved in their initial consultation as he needs to know exactly what the patient wants or desires.  His goal is to come up with a strategy based on the patient’s wants and desires, to redefine their body here in Paradise. Dr. Guerrero’s staff will provide advice to patients depending on what Dr. Guerrero actually recommends and the patients are encouraged to compose a list of questions that they have regarding surgery and what to expect before, during, and after treatment so that each patient is given information which is clear, straightforward and easy to understand so that every answer to every question is met prior to surgery with Dr. Guerrero. This allows our patients to feel assured, confident, and comfortable when having their plastic surgery performed here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. When a respectful, open relationship is established between the patient and Dr. Guerrero, the patient’s trust grows and the surgery typically is a success.
  3. Feel Comfortable With YOUR Decision – After researching multiple plastics and cosmetic surgeons here in Mexico, ultimately you must make a decision based on how comfortable you are or feel with the doctor you finally choose.  Everything from the conversations you have had with the staff members to how you are treated on the phone or quick response time via email.  Dr. Guerrero and his staff are experienced and certified plastic surgeons, and they are very caring towards each and every patient.   Dr. Guerrero is an artist, and your body is his canvas and as such his meticulousness and tireless work ethic are always in full evidence, with every single procedure he performs no matter how large or small the project.  He applies the same care with botox injections as if he was doing a full mommy makeover that could take hours in the operating rooms. No matter which surgeon you ultimately choose to perform your plastic surgery, remember that your comfort is key to ensuring a successful outcome. Dr. Guerrero will do everything in his power to help you to remain worry-free, relaxed, and pampered, from your initial consultation to your recovery.

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